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Magic Game Show

Game Show Magic Party

Make your next event an evening none of your guests will ever forget. Adam Stone has combined his amazing magic show with a Double-Dare Style spin the wheel gameshow. This allows for maximum participation either while helping Adam during a magic trick or competing against your friends in a battle royal for prizes in some of the silliest challenges you have ever seen.

This show alternates between magic show effects and gameshow competition. Gameshow contestants will spin a wheel to determine which game/challenge they will be competing in. Some of the possible challenges include:

Mmm Mmm Blah! - Every Flavor Bean Challenge

Dust Your Kicks! - Teach a dance move to the group

Cry Baby - Onion Chop

The Dentist nightmare! - Brush your teeth with broccoli

Trust Me! - Egg Smash Challenge

I guess I was thirsty! - Have a refreshing glass of Sneaker Juice

BANG!!!!- Close proximity balloon pop

Say cheese! - Take an embarrassing selfie

Sweet or sour! - Eat a lemon

In between each activity, Adam will perform magical illusions for your audience as the regroup and get ready to play again. Since this is a magical gameshow, nothing is what it seems, you and your guests will see some of the strangest mind-bending magic as you compete for prizes and glory.