Entertaining Children

Adam Stone has 15 years of experience working as a special education teacher for students of all ages.  After his career change to the University of Maryland Medical Center, he wanted to be able to have still the opportunity to make kids laugh.  "As a teacher, my goal was always to make my students enjoy going to school.  I found being silly was the best way to engage them and make them want to participate in class.  I now have two daughters of my own who are the joys of my life.  I love spending time with them, and they tolerate the fact that I am a boy and have no idea how to play correctly."  

Entertaining Adults

Adam has a masters degree in Orientation and Mobility and has lectured at Universities around the world.  He is comfortable on stage performing for large groups as well as within more intimate settings, such as parties, weddings, and other social events.  He brings humor and joy to everything he does and can make anyone laugh (also in a good way).  

On Stage with MYB in the Nutcracker

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